Symposium for Combustion Control 2017

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The Symposium for Combustion Control directed by Prof. Stefan Pischinger (Institute for Combustion Engines), Prof. Jakob Andert (Institute for Combustion Engines), Prof. Dirk Abel (Institute of Automatic Control), Dr. Thivaharan Albin (Institute of Automatic Control) and Prof. Heinz Pitsch (Institute for Combustion Technology) of RWTH Aachen University has already taken place for the third time. In this year, again over 110 participants from 13 different countries visited the conference in Aachen.


The Symposium for Combustion Control was established in 2015 to foster the interaction between the scientific community and the automotive industry. Its focus are the latest theoretical and application driven developments for the control of next generation combustion engines.

In addition to the keynote speeches of Dr. Michael Krüger (Robert Bosch GmbH), Prof. Christopher Onder (ETH Zurich) and Prof. Bengt Johansson (King Abdullah University of Science and Technology) the continuously rising relevance of these topics has also been covered by 18 technical and 7 poster presentations. Exciting presentation have shown that Combustion Control is fare more than only cylinder pressure control. Innovative engine concepts have been presented that show a potential for efficiency increase up to 60%. The increasing degrees of freedom can be handled by implementation of intelligent self-learning algorithms for engine calibration and adaption.

From June 27th to 28th, 2018 the Institute for Combustion Engines (vka), the Institute of Automatic Control (irt) and the Institute for Combustion Technology (itv) of RWTH Aachen University will again invite to Novotel Aachen for a lively and exciting exchange between automotive industry and research.