Vorträge auf dem SAECCE (SAE-China Congress & Exhibition)


Vom 24. bis 26. Oktober 2017 findet der Internationale Kongress SAECCE (SAE-China Congress & Exhibition) statt. Im Rahmen dieser Veranstaltung wird Professor Andert einen Plenarvortrag mit dem Titel "The predictive Powertrain- how the Combustion Engine can benefit from V2X communication" und Frau Xia, M.Sc. einen technischen Vortrag mit dem Titel "CRANK ANGLE RESOLVED REAL-TIME ENGINE MODELING FOR HiL BASED COMPONENT TESTING" halten.


Adhering to the concept of "developing the industry on the platform set up by SAE-China", the SAE-China Congress & Exhibition (SAECCE) insists on the format of combining congress exchanges and technical exhibition concurrently together under the same theme. Over the past two decades, it has developed to be one of the best opportunities for the global auto industry to understand China, a wonderful arena for Chinese automotive industry to display its technical achievement, as well as a platform for technical exchanges and showcasing that is the most professional in the Chinese automotive industry, the biggest in scale and the most acknowledged by the whole industry.


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