CMP - Center for Mobile Propulsion

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The RWTH Aachen University created a unique research center with the Center for Mobile Propulsion (CMP). The test lab is an ideal fit for the research of electrified power trains given its interdisciplinary fields. Within the scope of the Junior Professor for Mechatronic Systems for Combustion Engines a wide range of various testing facilities can be used. From a single actuator to the power train in an interconnected vehicle, the entire chain of research projects is be covered.


Systemic investigations on the drivetrain

New technical developments in mobile propulsion, especially hybrid and battery technology have widen the evelopment of propulsion systems to an integrated research field of numerous different disciplines. Tasks concerning the research of new powertrains hence become constantly more complex and therefore require interdisciplinary cooperation.

The interdisciplinary approach chosen for the establishment of the Center for Mobile Propulsion is also reflected in the experimental instrumentation of the research center: Within the CMP, component test benches for batteries, electric motors, fuel cells, transmissions, combustion engines and powertrains are installed.


Realtime network

By focusing all these test benches at one facility, real-time communication between the different component test benches is enabled (via network). The integration of a simulator facilitates to simulate a systematic behavior of early stage components. Thereby, virtual powertrains can be outlined independently from individual setups. By this, researchers can examine interactions of single components in dynamic use, consider the effects of different topologies and explore necessary control strategies of the overall system in an early project phase. Moreover, the test laboratory has an integrated workshop to conduct setups and alterations on-site. The test benches are designed highly flexible for time saving and an effective use.



The Center for Mobile Propulsion (CMP) is funded by the German Council of Science and Humanities (Wissenschaftsrat, WR) and by Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG).

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