ATC - Aldenhoven Testing Center

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The Availability of defined boundary Conditions in a testing environment is required for the Research on mechatronic systems for combustion engines and their use in real vehicles. With their ideal boundary Conditions and their expertise, the Aldenhoven Testing Center is the Place to be for all who wants to deal with experts.



Beside mechatronic issues there are much more Research Areas like hybrid and electric Powertrains and also Fuel Cells which are to investigate at the Aldenhoven Testing Center. In particular, this includes the reduction of exhaust emission, noise emission, the fuel consumption and especially the Interaction between vehicles and their Environment. Actual Research Issues occupy furthermore with hybrid Powertrains and Fuel Cells.

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Application Research

The ATC allows research on vehicles and their subsystems in their entirety. This improves the safety, the efficiency and the driving experience. Different driving scenarios like the moving in queues, the effect of assistant systems or the investigation of collision and crossing situations can be examined without any delay.