Recommendation Letters


We are happy to assist you in your projects such as applying for a scholarship or study abroad by providing an appropriate letter of recommendation. Please notice that we can only create such a letter if you have passed at least one course, completed a seminar or research paper at the Institut for Combustion Engines with a very good grade.

Required information

Please send us an e-mail and tell us us exactly what you need the letter of recommendation for. Please attach a current resume as well as transcripts (with grades) and certificates as evidence of your academic achievements. Please send all attachments as PDF documents. Please note that we can only process requests for opinions that reach us on time.

Cases for providing a recommendation letter

Please note that we can issue us any general letter of recommendation due to a very good performance, but only if you have a specific reason, i.e. you are currently preparing an application that explicitly requires a certificate or letter of recommendation from your professors.