Since summer semester 2014 we offer the lecture Electronics for Combustion Engines. In summer semester 2015 Software for Combustion Engines has been added to our portfolio. In this lecture, students of mechanical engineering are introduced to the subject function and software development which is necessary for modern powertrains development.

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Our goal is to provide our master's students a practical lecture series, with a focus on the mobile drive technology and modern powertrains. On the other hand, it is important to us that you have mastered the basics of Mechatronics for the combustion engine and solve problems waiting in our professional world to you. Here we will give you a practical and especially relevant insight into the world of modern drive technology.

Through the lectures application and software direct reference is made to the vehicle of the mechatronics. Here, all the tools are taught which are needed for the development of mechatronic systems for modern powertrains.


The courses are aimed at students of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computer science, and industrial engineers. Here, the interdisciplinary approach plays a distinct role and allows the students for safe handling in all three fields.


During the lectures and exercises you always have the opportunity to actively participate. This is encouraged and can of course take place in the form of questions, comments, suggestions or critical discussions. We actively use Web-based supply of preparation courses. Our goal is to give students an independent, time-and place-independent learning.