Guest Lecture: Automobile Energy Conservation and Emissions

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In cooperation with Prof. Liguang Li from the department for Automotive Engineering of Tongji-University in Shanghai, a block lecture “Automobile Energy Conservation and Emissions” is established. It is held in English language for international students at Tongji-University. Key focus of this lecture is to understand the necessity of sustainable mobility and the main technologies which have to be developed for automobile powertrains to reach that target.



The lecture part presented by Prof. Andert is focusing on the optimization of internal combustion engines with mechatronic systems. Starting from the fundamentals of mechatronic actuators and sensors, important ECU (Engine Control Unit) functions are discussed. In the last step the optimization of the combustion process by calibration of all ECU functionalities is shown.


  • Electronic influence of combustion engines
  • Key Sensors and Actuators
  • ECU Hard- and Software
  • Calibration of Software Functions
  • Hybrid Powertrain Technology


At the end of the lecture the theoretical knowledge is assessed by a written summary.