Electronics for Combustion Engines

This lecture covers the fundamentals of various electronic control technologies for combustion engines and their potential to reduce fuel consumption and pollutant emissions. Important ECU (Electronic Control Unit) functions and their conversion into mechanical signals which directly influence the engine are discussed.

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Software for Combustion Engines

In the lecture Software for Combustion Engines, students of mechanical engineering are introduced to the subject function and software development which is necessary for modern powertrains development.

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Mobile Propulsion Fundamentals

The lecture deals with the different principles of the conversion of fuel energy as well as the main requirements on combustion engines.

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Thesis Supervision and Project work

You are interested in project work or bachelor/master thesis in the area of powertrain technology? You would like to contribute to the development of the latest mechatronic systems or components for combustion engines? Sign up with us!

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Student Services

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You are in need of a recommendation letter or seeking to transfer credits earned elsewhere? If so, we are happy to support you. Sign up with us!

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