Our Motivation

The automotive sector is currently undergoing a major transformation that is in particular affecting the drive technology. Electrification is gaining enormous relevance as one of the key technologies to reduce or avoid emissions. Regardless of the specific technology, a steadily increasing complexity of both the hardware and the associated control algorithms is leading to the evolution of modern drives towards software-intensive, embedded mechatronic systems.

Future vehicles will differ significantly from today's concepts, not only in terms of drive technology but also in terms of connectivity and autonomous driving functions. These factors in turn have a major impact on vehicle propulsion systems. For example, predictive information is used for an efficiency-optimized operation with minimal emissions. Previously separate domains are now experiencing strong interactions, that are specifically addressed by the teaching and research area.

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Research Team

Welcome to the Teaching and Research Area for Mechatronics in Mobile Propulsion. Don't hesitate to contact us directly to discuss about study supervision or our research topics.

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Engine Technology Seminar

In the "Engine Technology Seminar" event series, experts from the engine and automotive industry hold lectures on current problems in engine development as well as interdisciplinary topics. 

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Ringvorlesung Elektromobilität

Ringvorlesung Elektromobilität © Copyright: ISEA/Christoph Schäper

Die Geschäftsstelle Elektromobilität, GSE, organisiert im Wintersemester 2018/19 erneut die Ringvorlesung Elektromobilität, die wieder mit spannenden Vorträgen aus der Hochschule und Industrie den aktuellen Stand der Forschung und neueste Trends in der Elektromobilität diskutiert.

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Job Offers

Student © Copyright: Peter Winandy

Are you interested in Mechatronic Systems for Combustion Engines? You want to get involved as a researcher or as a student assistant? Please check regularly our job opportunities on this page. Furthermore, we appreciate applications even when there are no positions posted.

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