Lecture: Mobile Propulsion Fundamentals



Moritz Jakoby

Research Associate


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The lecture and the exercises take place in the winter semester.



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The course Mobile Propulsion Fundamentals is offered by the Chair of Thermodynamics of Mobile Energy Conversion Systems (TME) and supported by the Teaching and Research Area Mechatronics in Mobile Propulsion (MMP).

The lecture deals with the different principles of the conversion of fuel energy as well as the main requirements on combustion engines. On the basis of standard cycles, the thermodynamic coherences of the engine process are shown. It also deals with the definition of the different efficiencies. The application of these coherences is carried out by dealing with important characteristic values for the layout of combustion engines. Under consideration of a classification of the combustion engines selected aspects of the engine technology are observed. To conclude, a close observation of the formation of pollutants and its after treatment for gasoline and diesel engines is carried out.

Furthermore the basic principles of electrochemical energy conversion in a fuel cell are introduced and influences on the operational behavior as well as important characteristic values are discussed. Conclusive the physical principles of electrical machines are approached and different machine types and their characteristic maps are introduced. The content introduced in the lectures is intensified in exercises based on practical examples.



The following topics are dealt with:

Combustion Engines

  • Thermodynamic Fundamentals
  • Characteristic Values
  • The Process in Gasoline Engines
  • The Process in Diesel Engines
  • Pollutant Development and Exhaust Gas Aftertreatment
  • Classification of Combustion Engines

Fuel Cells and Electrical Machines

  • Classification
  • Characteristic Values
  • Operational Behavior

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