Publication in Journal "Applied Energy"


We are excited to announce the publication of our latest research in the journal of Applied Energy (Volume 338, 15 May 2023, 120887) on increasing the efficiency of electric vehicle (EV) systems.


Our study, conducted by Alexander Wahl et al., focuses on utilizing temperature-dependent efficiencies of the motor and inverter through economic model predictive control (MPC). Our approach includes a detailed modeling of motor losses to explain thermal effects on loss shares. The results show that our method can lead to up to a 2.86% increase in system efficiency for a mixed highway and city drive. We were able to achieve a motor efficiency increase of up to 1.12% mainly by reducing AC-copper losses.

Active temperature control of electric drivetrains for efficiency increase Copyright: © Elsevier Ltd.,

These findings have important implications for the design and optimization of EV systems and demonstrates the potential for energy savings through the application of advanced control techniques. We look forward to continuing our research in this area and collaborating with industry partners to implement these innovative solutions.


Title: "Active temperature control of electric drivetrains for efficiency increase"
Authors: Alexander Wahl, Christoph Wellmann, Christian Monissen and Jakob Andert
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