Editorial Board Meeting "Automotive Innvovation" 2019 in Shanghai

Participants of the Editorial Board Meeting Copyright: © Automotive Innovation

The Editorial Board Meeting of the journal "Automotive Innovation" was successfully held in Shanghai on October 24th.


Academician Jun Li, editor-in-chief of Automotive Innovation, Prof. Frank Zhao, editor-in-chief of Automotive Innovation and Prof. Mike Ma, executive editor-in-chief, as well as editorial board members from Chalmers University of Technology, RWTH Aachen University, Tsinghua University, Tongji University, South China University of Technology, Jilin University, Shanghai University of Technology, Jiangsu University, Nanyang Technological University, North American Association of Chinese Engine Engineers, Hefei University of Technology, FAW, Geely and other universities and enterprises attended the editorial board meeting. It was moderated by Mr. Xuming Zhang, Deputy Secretary General of China SAE.

  Jun Li

During the meeting, Academician Jun Li proposed that China should promote innovation through journals so as to connect to the world by high-tech innovation, innovation should be interpreted into five points: originality, scientific foundation, subversion, core technology and seizing hot spots in the automobile industry. He believed that Automotive Innovation should be developed in the spirit of exploration, innovation and breakthrough.

  Prof. Frank Zhao

Prof. Frank Zhao pointed out that the internationalization of the journal is of great importance. Our journal plays a key role in realizing innovation in China's automobile industry. We must strive to build our journal to forge it into an crucial window for China's automobile industry to connect with the world and a cradle for scientific and technological engineers.

  Xuming Zhang

Mr. Xuming Zhang proposed that China SAE would strongly support the development of Automotive Innovation and called on the editorial board members to make joint efforts to build the journal into an important international exchange platform connecting the China’s automobile industry with the world, supported by the academic resources provided by China SAE and the professional knowledge of the editorial board members.

  Mike Ma

Prof. Mike Ma delivered the annual work report to the editorial board, focusing on the promotion of the journal's quality, influence and optimizing the publication workflow. He updated the progress of Special Issue preparation by stating that the journal has a solid work plan including 4 Special Issues on the way next year. In his report, it is pointed out that with support from China SAE, FISITA and many key universities, Automotive Innovation has received wide recognition in China, however, more effort is required to be paid to improve the international recognition. With fast development of the journal, the editorial board still need to strive harder and work together to build a world-class journal.

  Amapola Wu

Ms. Amapola Wu, editor of Springer, put forward suggestions on how to develop new journals and improve the quality of submissions, which were characterized by multi-form and multi-platform journal promotion, focusing on hot topics in the industry, and improving the citation rate of articles.


The editorial board members provided constructive suggestions on improving the quality and international influence of Automotive Innovation, including focusing hot topics and inviting high-quality submissions from international experts.

At the meeting, Academician Jun Li presented the "Best Editor Award" to Mr. Wang Yongjun, associate editor-in-chief, who made great contributions to the journal.


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