Experiment: Generation of realistic traffic situation data


As part of research activities on energy-efficient, automated driving, the urban test environment (CERMcity) of the Aldenhoven Testing Center was the venue for a scientific driving study conducted by researchers from the Institute of Internal Combustion Engines (VKA) at RWTH Aachen University.  


Data from real traffic situations are essential for the development and validation of intelligent, automated driving functions. For this reason, ten vehicles in the study were equipped with high-precision differential GPS loggers available at the ATC. The drivers moved freely in the urban environment with its numerous differently designed intersections, recording several thousand realistic traffic scenarios.

The special value of these data is that, in contrast to data sets recorded in normal road traffic, all disturbance variables of the traffic event were recorded. For example, a cyclist involved was also equipped with a GPS sensor. This approach enables the behaviour of newly developed driving functions to be causally evaluated and a comprehensive investigation of the causes to be carried out in all situations.