Presentation at the symposium on development methodology


The Symposium on Development Methodology is being held on November 14th and 15th, 2017 for the seventh time. Mr. Eisenbarth, M.Sc. will give a presentation about "A Holistic Methodology for the Development of Connected Hybrid Vehicles".


The 7th International Symposium for Development Methodology expands the successful format of the conference with the additional focus on virtualisation. To safeguard the development goals, there is a major shift in development methodology to push for more frontloading, moving testing from the real road to test beds and back into the virtual environment. Within the scope of the event, however, virtualization will be intensively examined not only in the form of pure simulation, but primarily in connection with topics of application in vehicle or system testing and according real development environments. Such combined approaches allow early safeguarding of complex development targets.