Presentations at the SAE World Congress 2019


The SAE World Congress 2019 is being held on 9th – 11th April, 2019 in Detroit, USA. The Junior Professorship will be represented by five technical presentations. Below you will find an overview with the corresponding presentation titles.

  • Realtime Modeling of 48V P0 Mild Hybrid with Electric Compressor for Model Predictive Control
    Philip Griefnow
  • Scalable Mean Value Modeling for Real-Time Engine Simulations with Improved Consistency and Adaptability
    Sung-Yong Lee
  • Efficient Power Electronic Inverter Control developed in an automotive Hardware-in-the-Loop Setup
    Konstantin Etzold
  • The Hybrid Modeling Technique – Enabler for Adaptive and Real-Time Capable Process Models of High Accuracy for Future Powertrain Control Concepts
    Christian Joerg
  • Experimental investigations on the influence of valve timing and multi-pulse injection on GCAI Combustion
    Jensen Samuel

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