Hardware-in-the-Loop Driving Simulator


A new driving simulator is in operation at the Teaching and Research Area Mechatronics in Mobile Propulsion.



Sung-Yong Lee

Chief Engineer


+49 241 80 48235


  HiL Simulator Copyright: © RWTH Aachen | MMP

Under the leading of Fabian Jonczyk, a HiL-based driving simulator with real vehicle components was brought into operation in the Hardware-in-the-Loop (HiL) Lab of the Teaching and Research Area Mechatronics in Mobile Propulsion, which enables the dynamic control impulses of a real driver to be incorporated into the development of engine control units. This makes it possible to efficiently map the complex interaction between unconventional driving maneuvers or human error and the drive components of the entire vehicle. This means that human-machine interaction can be simulated with the help of a real driver and its effects can be examined. The resulting insights and consequences can be taken into account when developing modern and future control units. In addition to the scientific use of the data obtained in this way, the driving simulator will also be integrated into teaching. This allows students to be demonstrated how a HiL system works.