Participation in ECC 2022


The Teaching and Research Area Mechatronics in Mobile Propulsion participated in the 2022 European Control Conference (ECC) in London.


From July 12-15, 2022, a team from the Teaching and Research Area had the opportunity to present their latest findings in the field of permanent magnet synchronous machines with internal magnets (IPMSMs) in London. The presentation "Estimation of the Magnet Temperature Via a Lumped Parameter Thermal Network in Real Time for the Control of PMSM" introduced a thermal network with so-called "lumped parameters" (LPTN) for modeling the thermal behavior of the rotor of a permanent magnet synchronous machine with internal magnets. This allows the real-time rotor temperature of an IPMSM to be determined and subsequently used to increase the machine's overload capability and improve its efficiency at high speeds and low loads.