Visit at dSPACE


Teaching and Research Area visits dSPACE as part of new HiLMA event

  Visit with the team. Copyright: © RWTH Aachen | MMP

As part of the Hardware-in-the-Loop Laboratory for Mobile Propulsion Systems, the Teaching and Research Area Mechatronics in Mobile Propulsion visited dSPACE in Paderborn on 17 November, 2022. This allowed the students to gain a direct insight into the production of the electronics and software company. In this way, the knowledge acquired during the course could be intensified and experienced closely during numerous demonstrations - for example, on the Power-HiL for inverters, Charging Column-HiL and BMS-HiL.

  dSPACE round table. Copyright: © RWTH Aachen | MMP

By using the Power-HiL, pulse inverters can be tested with a realistic load even without an existing electrical machine. In addition, the Power-HiL can be used to easily and reproducibly represent system faults, such as a short circuit of the machine phases, in order to test the fault behavior of the pulse inverter.

The Charging Station HiL can primarily be used to test the communication of different vehicles and their compatibility with charging stations.

However, the BMS HiL is used to simulate cell voltages and similar in order to simulate fault cases or, for example, an unbalanced state of charge of the battery cells, which in turn can be used to test the behavior of the battery management system (BMS).

Among the extensive demonstrations, further knowledge could be obtained first-hand in a dialog with the company's product managers, who were pleased to answer questions.


Hardware-in-the-Loop Laboratory for Mobile Propulsion Systems