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Teaching and Research Area Mechatronics in Mobile Propulsion invited to learning event

  Exploring test benches with GEMS Copyright: © RWTH Aachen | MMP

Students of the course "Basics of Electrical Engineering for Mechatronic Systems" were able to experience their acquired knowledge at first hand on November 25, 2022. In addition to a detailed explanation of utilized test setups, the understanding could be intensified in running test bench operations.

  GEMS on track. Copyright: © RWTH Aachen | MMP

The interfaces to mechanics and software could be impressively verified on the driving simulator. The day was finished by a visit at the test track, where the participants were able to demonstrate their own skills with real vehicles.

  GEMS vehicles Copyright: © RWTH Aachen | MMP

The focus of this driving event was to experience different drive topologies. For this purpose, a wide variety of systems was demonstrated on vehicles in close relation to their applications:

  • Combustion engine hybrid vehicle (VW GTE): How does a change of state between different operating modes (purely electric and combustion engine operation) feel?
  • Fuel cell hybrid vehicle (Toyota Mirai): Different driving maneuvers were used to show at what point the fuel cell or battery provide energy. During moderate acceleration and medium battery State of Charge (SOC), only the fuel cell provides energy. At higher accelerations, the fuel cell is supported by the battery. When the SOC of the battery is low and the power demand on the wheel is low, the battery is recharged by the fuel cell. When setting the recuperation mode in the gear selector, the vehicle can be decelerated without applying the mechanical brake and the battery is charged. The function of the H2O button was also demonstrated, with which the water produced by the fuel cell can be discharged in a targeted manner. A visible cloud of steam is released behind the vehicle.
  • All-electric vehicle (BMW i3): What does all-electric driving feel like? What is one-pedal driving?
  • All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV): The operation and driving characteristics of a continuously variable transmission (CVT) were explained and experienced on this off-road vehicle. In particular, a special feature was noted in comparison to the conventional manual transmission: At certain speed intervals, the speed increases without an increase in engine revolutions.
  • 48V turbocharging system in the A45 AMG: Comparison of acceleration behavior with and without engagement of the e-booster.

Lecture: Basics of Electrical Engineering for Mechatronic Systems